Meet the team

With decades of combined experience, our team has the expertise needed to guide you to the refreshed and renewed look you want.

Whether it be through filler, neurotoxin, PRP therapy, noninvasive treatments, or EmSculpt NEO, we’re able to provide the confidence boost you need.

Experience luxury at Dr. G Medspa when you trust us to fulfill each of your aesthetic needs.


Sigal Goldring, MD

Dr. Sigal Goldring’s 15+ years of experience in the Aesthetic and Dermatology field gives her the opportunity to provide exceptional results to her patients. She completed her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at UC Berkeley and afterward made her way to Albert Einstein College of Medicine for her medical degree. She completed her residency at CHLA and began her medical career as a Board Certified Pediatrician in Los Angeles.

Dr. Goldring soon realized her passion for injectables and non-invasive skin care treatments. She went on to own a medical spa in Los Angeles for 12 years and worked at Beverly Hills Dermatology where she specialized in dermal fillers and other non-surgical procedures. After moving across the country in 2017, she became the Medical Director and Injecting Physician at the busiest med spa in Boca Raton seeing over 20,000 patients over the course of her Aesthetic career.

She prioritizes patient comfortability and happiness as she helps them achieve the exact new look they want. This is why she is her patient’s first choice when it comes to injectables and facial treatments and the reason they turn to her with any concerns they may have. She has now become one of the most sought facial and aesthetic injectors across the country.

Robin has been in the field of Facial Plastic Surgery and Facial Aesthetics for 26 years after graduating from the Cornell Medical School Physician Assistant program in 1990.

Her depth and range of experience make her a sought-after medical and aesthetic injector of neurotoxins and HA facial fillers. Our clients continue to be amazed at Robin’s level of experience, a keen eye for detail and her enthusiasm for living, looking and feeling your best. 

What also doubles as a personal passion for helping others feel their best is reflected in her patient’s results and their continuous trust in her work.

Her returning patients throughout the years all share a connection with her as she constantly meets and


Robin Koval, PA


Dana Shaked

Dana is a crucial member of our team as she ensures a relaxing and positive experience when you visit us at Dr. G Medspa. She focuses on building client relationships as she finds the best solution to daily happenings. Her upbeat personality and can-do attitude help us continue to provide the best atmosphere for your aesthetic journey.

Dana uses her organizational skills to ensure every process at the Medspa is handled efficiently and finds ways to constantly enhance work quality. Her deep knowledge of neurotoxin and HA fillers translates into the on-going education our patients receive during their appointment. Her work as an herbalist, founder of a skincare company and holistic practitioner gives her a unique perspective to help our patients have the best experience possible.

Sophia Anderson

Sophia joined Dr. G Med Spa as a licensed esthetician and is driven by beautiful skin which has resulted in an endless number of glowing complexions. Not only does she ensure you have a seamless experience from the time you walk into the Medspa until you’re making your next appointment, she also provides our clients with a unique menu of skincare services.

Since graduating from Hollywood Institute with a list of awards and certifications, she has worked with multiple skincare lines and most recently became a  DMK Skin Revision Therapist. She understands the science behind radiant skin and applies this knowledge daily to treat skin conditions such as aging, uneven tone and texture, sun spots, acne, and more.

Sophia targets these issues individually to produce a long-lasting glow and skin you can be proud of. She brings continuous relaxation and confidence to her patient’s experience as she explains in detail the best treatment she recommends for you.